Wet Utilities

McCain Construction specializes in pipeline construction. Including sewer lines, storm lines, water lines, domestic water lines, reclaimed water lines. We have extensive experiences in all phases of wet utility construction to include new installation, removal, repairs, realignments, abandonment in place of existing lines and total system replacements. We provide these services for infrastructure, commercial, industrial and residential projects.

Dry Utilities

McCain Construction provides excavation and installation of dry utilities. We install underground power, phone, and communications. We offer trenchless applications to include directional drilling, boring and locating. We provide these services for infrastructure, commercial, industrial and residential projects.


McCain construction performs the installation of structures for sewer, storm, and drainage in all applications of construction. Headwalls, Manholes, catch basins, box culverts, concrete channels. McCain performs both casts in place applications and precast applications as needed for each specific project.

Storm Retention

McCain Construction has extensive experience aiding in the design and installing storm retention systems and stormwater management systems.  We perform CMP tanks, Stormtech chambers systems, open retention systems, and dry wells for all construction applications.

Jack and Bore and Directional drilling

McCain Construction has extensive experience in trenchless technology for utility installation. We specialize in both directional drilling under intersections and busy streets where open excavation is not practical. We also have experience in jack and bore, steel casing installation for larger diameter pipes under roadways, railroads or other areas where open trench installation is not possible.

Traffic Control

McCain Construction has extensive experience in traffic control design, municipal approval of design, implementation, and maintenance of traffic control systems for all phases of construction.  Including traffic and pedestrian diversion, plating, barriers, signage, temporary paving, and striping.


McCain Construction performs all paving for our scope of work to include trench patch back, Removal and replacement of streets and roadways for pipe installation, chips and slurry seal as required and rubberized asphalt as specified in certain jurisdictions.


McCain construction provides asphalt milling services for utility installation.